Sturtevant Pond Camps

Speaking of fishing, 2017 was as good as Martha and I have seen in the 10 years we have been at the camps. Plenty of bass were available during May and early June to satisfy all of our anglers. A wet spring and early summer did offer  a challenge to our guests as no one enjoys fishing in the rain. The good news was that the water level in the pond and even rivers remained high through most of May, June and early July. The highlight of our fishing season was the numbers of salmon our guests were catching out of the pond. On several occasions, our bass fishermen caught nice salmon while they were actually targeting the smallmouth. Drew Dunlap brought in a 4 pound salmon in early June and had to ask me what type of fish it was, as he had never seen or caught one before. The next few days he and his friends targeted salmon after a trip to LL Cote’s in Errol where they purchased lures that worked catching salmon. Fall fishing was disappointing because of low water in the rivers. One highlight for our fly fishers was Aziscoos Pond and the Wheeler Dam area of the upper end of Aziscoos Lake where numbers of big trout were caught.

I want to highlight bird season because it was one of highs and lows. I found it a strange October because some days it was almost impossible to find a grouse while on others I had some of the most productive days I have ever had in my 40 years of guiding bird hunters.

Our deer hunters saw deer, some more than others. We had only 3 deer shot during the season, all of which were medium size. I did get out but was hampered by my handicap as to where I could go, so I had limited success. I did see one of the largest-racked deer I have ever seen in my life and managed to get a shot at it since it was standing beside the logging road I was on. Unfortunately I missed, but it did offer me some excitement—and I didn’t have to drag it out!.

Martha and I did do a couple of projects around camp this past season. Perhaps the most significant was having a new roof put on Cabin 1. Once the roof was installed, it looked so new and shiny that we decided that the outside of the cabin needed a new fresh coat of paint. Once again, Martha did most of the painting. Because of our busy summer and fall, we were unable to stain the whole cabin so two walls are waiting for a fresh coat of stain come spring.

Our firewood situation was once again my main focus around camp. I worked most of the summer cutting and splitting firewood. Since we burn firewood all winter when the camps are closed, we needed something to protect our firewood from the elements and keep it dry. The main woodshed where we keep all the wood for the guests’ cabins is a walk from our house, and with my handicap, we decided that we needed a woodshed closer to our house. That ended up being our second project for the year, and I must say it turned out looking pretty good and conveniently located to our front door.

             It is a little too early to have all our plans set for next year. That will come with time as we contemplate what the camps need. We have been getting busier with guests each year so we are now in a position that we have to pencil in time for work on cabins when they have no guests in them.

Right now we are taking it easy. Martha is still working full-time teaching in Errol NH and enjoying every minute of it. I am waiting for the ice to firm up so I can hit the pond with a major effort in ice fishing. I recently returned from seeing my prosthetist and am fitted with a new socket, and by how it feels right now, I feel I will be getting around better than I have been for more than a year.

Now that we have updated everyone, both Martha and I want to take this time to thank everyone who visits us for making our business venture here at Sturtevant Pond a success. It would be doubtful that we could live here without your patronage. We also want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and that our thoughts are with you during this special time of year. We also hope that 2018 will be one that exceeds your expectations and hope that perhaps you might take time out of your lives and visit us again.

Tom & Martha

need this time to recharge and plan for next year. It is also a time for reflection on what has transpired this past season.

The 2017 season was a trying season for us, especially Martha as she ended up doing almost all the work around camp. As many of you already know, I lost my right leg almost 2 years ago, and the healing process and adjusting to a new prosthetic has been difficult for me. It seems like I gain a little every month or so but then I seem to fall back. This past year has been an eye opener for me, and I have come to realize that my handicap is preventing me from doing what I want to do. What I want to do the most is to be able to guide, and with only one good leg, I feel I am only able to put in half the effort. For my bird hunting guests and friends, it has been disappointing because I am unable to get around and hunt areas that my handicap prevents me from getting to.

I did guide more than 20 days in October, but at the end of the month I made a decision that 2017 will be my last year guiding bird hunters. I just can’t get around

well enough, and by receiving payment for this muted effort, I personally feel I am stealing people’s money. So with that said, I want everyone to know that I will still be able to guide fishermen on a selective basis, which basically means no wading in the rivers and streams and hikes into isolated ponds. I will be pretty much focused on Sturtevant Pond and perhaps Umbagog Lake where I can use my boat to offer fishing experiences.


Our last guests left on December 3. That week we spent time closing up the cabins, draining water and preparing them for the cold winter ahead. It is a melancholy time of year for us because, as we go about these chores, we realize that it will be almost 6 months before the cabins are once again filled with laughter, excitement and enjoyment from our guests. As Martha and I get older, we also come to realize that we look forward to the end of our season and the few months we get off to enjoy the camps without guests and friends. We know we

Winter 2017-18