Sturtevant Pond Camps

ponds out back like Cranberry Pond and Little Beaver Pond had early June hatches which provided some action-filled evenings for nice size trout. People have been catching salmon in the lake, as well. One visitor from Illinois caught one while bass fishing and didnít know what it was; luckily he took a picture so Tom could identify it. He was impressed by the very idea of land-locked salmon.

†††††††††††† Here on the Pond, the weed beds are just poking out of the water and will be producing big bass for our anglers fishing surface poppers. Both Martha and Tom will be out almost every evening enjoying the fun.

The early part of the spring was dry with very little rain. This is great news for the Fall bird hunting, as most of the grouse broods number a dozen or more chicks.

†††††††††††† Last week, the Trefryís, from Stow, MA† stayed with us. This year they didnít fish but spent the week exploring the hundreds of miles of logging roads in the area. Their main goal was to see wildlife, and by their reports, they were not disappointed. They claimed to have seen deer every day. Other animals that they sighted included bear, moose, coyote, snowshoe hares and turkeys as well as every kind of bird imaginable. Martha saw a mink when she was out fishing, and she reports that the loons are comfortable on the floating nest and the eagles have been out and about.

†††††††††††† Our winter was a cold one with average snowfall, and it appears that the deer fared well. Not only were there deer everywhere around Magalloway last winter but everyone is reporting young deer out and about in places they are not usually seen. Since the harsh winter of 2004-2005, when this area lost a lot of deer, our deer population has gradually increased. Each year our hunters report sighting more and more deer when out hunting, and this fall should be the best of any past year.

†††††††††††† Here at the camps, we have no major projects scheduled for this summer.† We had intended to do renovations on Cabin 2 this summer, but that got put on hold because of Tomís surgeries.† But there is always much needed maintenance, which will be done. Getting in the annual firewood quota will take a while, since Tom was unable to get at it early in the season as he normally does. With no major projects, this should allow both Tom and Martha to get out and spend more time on the pond and in the woods.

†††††††††††† Hopefully you all can make it up to share the fun.



Tom & Martha

†††††††††††† As many of you already knew by watching Tom try to get around last year, he was having a difficult time as he right knee deteriorated and caused him extreme pain. He managed to make it through the Fall hunting season and was scheduled to have a knee replacement in early January.† Because of some health issues, his surgery was put off until March. He came out of surgery with complications which have taken until now to correct. The good news is he is quickly on the mend and should be his old self in no time. So Martha opened the camps all by herself, putting in the docks and boats, hooking up the water and other required needs.

Presently the camps are open and guests are enjoying the pond and relaxing around camp.

†††††††††††† As Springs go, this Spring was as good fishing as we have ever seen. The smallmouth bass got on their spawning beds early and many of our fishermen experience fast and furious action. Right now the fishing is still great, but we expect that as the warm weather overcomes us, the fishing will slow down a bit and more

expert techniques will be needed to see any numbers of fish.

†††††††††††† Several of our May and early June flyfishermen found that the salmon and trout fishing, through competitive because of the numbers of anglers around, produced some excellent size fish. Both the Middle Magalloway River and Lower Magalloway River saw constant action that is just now slowing down. The smaller


Dear Friends;

†††††††††††† First of all, we would like to apologize for getting our annual newsletter out so late in our season. We realize that many of you have come to expect the early season update in which you can learn about the happenings here on Sturtevant Pond. Unfortunately, this year health problems restricted us from getting the camps open and up to speed, and getting out and about for a firsthand look on what is going on with the wildlife and fisheries in the area.

Spring 2015