Pakesso Guide Service specializes in upland bird hunting over pointing dogs, and Sturtevant Pond Camps encourages hunters to bring their own dogs. The grouse hunting is superb and unmatched. Typical days with pointing dogs produce more than two dozen points on unharried wild birds that are unbelievably tame. The area around the camps also offers some good woodcock shooting intermingled with the grouse.

Sturtevant Pond Camps

Pakesso Guide Service is available on site. We recommend that you make reservations early, as Tom tends to fill up fast, but we can recommend other local guides. We can also recommend local guides for those guests who prefer to hunt in New Hampshire. We always welcome as guests the clients of other guides from both New Hampshire and Maine.

Father and son, Dave and Mike Chickering, with their 2012 bucks

Moose Hunting

    If you are lucky enough to have been drawn in either the Maine or New Hampshire moose lottery, Sturtevant Pond Camps is perfectly located in Zone 7 in Maine and just across the state line from Zones A2 and C1 in New Hampshire.


    Perhaps one of the best draws for deer hunters to Sturtevant Pond Camps are the 200 pound deer that are found in the woodlands around camp. Every year hunters take big-body deer off the ridges and mountains in the area. The 200,000 acres of woodlands in and around the camps are open to public hunting and have proven to be a mecca for hunters looking for that trophy. Be warned that many of our hunters are repeat clients and limited space is available.

     Starting in November 2015, all cabins will be $650/wk during deer season.

Ruffed grouse hunting

Upland Bird Hunting

Deer Hunting

Steve Chickering’s 2013 NH cow moose